Google Drive automatically scans the file for viruses if the file under 100 MB or if the file is readable by the Google Servers. Suppose you are downloading any executable file from Google Drive like APK, EXE, or DMG file, then Google may not scan the file for viruses.

And when you click on the download option, you will see the warning message, “Google Drive has detected issues with your download.” If you trust the file owner who shared the file with you, you can download it without any issues. 

How to Scan Large Google Drive Files for Virus?

Here are a Couple of Methods you can incorporate to see if the file downloaded from Google Drive is Virus-Free and Safe.

Let Chrome Check the Downloaded File

Even though Google Drive may not scan large files for any vulnerability, Chrome Browser will check the downloaded file for any malicious codes. Chrome has a built-in Safe Browsing feature that protects you from bad downloads. The feature provides faster, proactive protection against dangerous websites, downloads, and extensions.

You need to enable the safe browsing feature in Chrome Browser to protect the PC from dangerous files. To do so;

That’s it now. Chrome Browser will scan the download file and let you know if the file is safe or not.